Textbook Buyback

  • Close of  SPRING QTR  2015 Buyback:                       JUNE  10 and 11       8am-5pm
  •                                                                               JUNE  12                 8am-4pm
  • Opening of SUMMER QTR  2015 Buyback:                  JUNE  22                  8am-6pm

    The opening buyback is wholesale only.               

At the end of each quarter during exam week the bookstore invites a used book wholesaler to conduct a textbook buyback. There are two levels of pricing for books; 50% of the new retail price will be paid for books that the bookstore needs for the upcoming quarter. Need is based on the information the bookstore receives from the instructors and the level of bookstore stock. 50% of the new retail price is paid ONLY during the closing buybacks held during exam week. Books that the bookstore does not need are bought back by the wholesaler based on current national demand. These books are shipped to the wholesaler's warehouse for resale. Wholesale prices are approximately 10-30% of the new retail price. The buyback held at the beginning of each quarter is always a wholesale buy. Out of print books, old editions and custom editions are not in national demand and therefore may have no buyback value.